Casio Watch

We sell original Casio watch. All of them are brand NEW and comes with 1 (one) year WARRANTY. At this moment available watches are as follows:

  1. Casio Casual Combi Timer (AW48HE Series, AQ-230GA Series)
  2. Casio Databank Calculator (DBC-32D-1AEF, DBC-32-1AEF)
  3. Casio Basic Digital Black (F28W-1)
  4. Casio Casual Digital Black (F91W-1)
  5. Casio Casual Digital Silver (A164WA-1QYEF)
  6. Casio Casual Digital Black - Blue EL Backlight (F105W-1A)
  7. Casio Databank (DB-360N-1AEF, DB-36-1AEF)
  8. Casio Poptone Calculator (LDF-40 Series)
  9. Casio Solar Powered Battery-Less Watch (AL-180)
  10. Casio Dual Time Chronograph Watch (A178WGA, F-201W-1AEF)
  11. Casio IR Remote Control Watch (CMD-40B-1T, CMD-40F-7CB)
  12. Casio Tough Solar Databank (DB-E30D-1AVEF)
  13. Casio Classic Casual Digital (LA670WGA-1, LA670WA-1, LA11WB-1)
  14. Casio 8 Digit Basic Calculator (CA-56, CA53W)
  15. Casio Classic Casual Quartz Analog (HDA600-1BV)
  16. Casio Calculator Data Bank World Time (DBC-1500B-1, DBC-150-1Q)
  17. Casio Databank World Time (DB-520GA-AJF, DB-520A-AJF)

The list will grow long from time to time. Do check on us frequently.

Degree of Water Resistance
Casio Watches Manual


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