The G-SHOCK shock-resistant wristwatch first released in 1983 had now gained popularity overseas. This trend was re-imported into Japan, and the G-SHOCK became a major hit, with ongoing supply shortages. Being pushed by the popularity of the G-SHOCK, other watch companies came out with their own digital watches in the solid and tough-looking style, redefining a product that until then had been driven only by functionality. With the trend towards the tough shock-resistant look, women also began to wear these large watches.

In 1994, Casio came out with a new line of G-SHOCK watches just for women called the Baby-G series. The first item of the series, the DW-520, not only had G-SHOCK’s shock resistance, but was also a cute lady’s size digital watch featuring pop colors and surfing design motifs that were popular with teen girls at the time. The subsequent Baby-G’s were developed with different functions and themes, and to this day, more and more women enjoy wearing various Baby-G styles.


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